What is KeyFndHH?

KeyFndHH is a dll that works in conjunction with HTML Help to locate CHM and ITS files. Once KeyFndHH is installed, you can link from a compiled or non-compiled HTML file to a file within a CHM or ITS file, provided the file's location meets one of the following criterion:

  1. The location of the file has been registered.
  2. The file lives in the windows\help directory
  3. The location of the file is specified in the hh.ini file within the windows directory

KeyFndHH is not limited to files displayed by an HTML Help window -- you can also display an HTML file within the Internet Explorer browser, and link to a CHM file. (Note that because Netscape does not support pluggable protocols, you cannot currently use Netscape to access any files within a CHM or ITS file).

What does is cost to use KeyFndHH?

Nothing. You are free to use and redistribute KeyFndHH as you see fit.

Are there any problems with KeyFndHH and HTML Help?

KeyFndHH works by registering itself as a file finder for .chm and .its files. HTML Help also registers itself as a file finder for .chm files, but as of the 1.2 release, it cannot actually find any CHM files. If HTML Help is installed after KeyFndHH, it will replace the registry entry for KeyFndHH with its own. This means that you must always reinstall KeyFndHH any time that you install HTML Help.

Does KeyFndHH run on NT?

You must have adminstrative priveleges on NT before you can install KeyFndHH. This is the same requirement that exists for HHUPD (HTML Help Update), so if you can install HTML Help, then you can install KeyFndHH.

What if I want to install KeyFndHH on a non-english system?

The KeyFndHH dll does not contain any user interaction, so it will work in all languages. However, the setup program, kfsetup.exe does contain strings used for message boxes. If you have a program that modifies strings resources, you can use that to change the strings in kfsetup.exe. Otherwise, you must install KeyFndHH.dll yourself. When installing it yourself, you should use the following guidelines:

  1. Check to see if KeyFndHH is already registered (RegOpenKey(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, "CLSID\{46E74402-7A1C-11D2-B9A8-00104B138C8C}\InprocServer32", ...)
  2. If it is already registered, check the third version number against the version you are installing. Do not install a new version if that third number is higher then your current version, or less then 8000.
  3. If KeyFndHH has not been installed before, you can copy the dll anywhere. Kfsetup will copy it to the system directory on Windows 9x, and the system32 directory on NT.
  4. After copy KeyFndHH.dll, you must register it by loading it and calling its DllRegisterServer function. Alternatively, you can call regsvr32.exe and pass it the dll name as in:
regsvr32 KeyFndHH.dll

How do I get a copy of KeyFndHH?

Click this link to get to the KeyFndHH download page.